Professional Motorcycle Training in Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland



Having passed the DSA Practical test, what’s next?

Passing the test is the beginning of hopefully a long and rewarding riding time to come, so why not get some help and tips to make this easier and safer?

Advanced training varies for each individual. Courses range from learning defensive riding techniques for riders that have just passed the DSA test, brushing up riding skills for returning riders or infrequent riders or training to be in a position to sit the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists test.

Police Man on Motorcycle

Why undertake advanced training?

In this day and age motorcyclists can easily get bad press, in fact on most days an article can be found in a newspaper about motorcyclists that have severely broken a speed limit, ridden badly or worse ended up as an unfortunate accident statistic. By undertaking advanced training you will become a far superior rider and therefore enjoy your fun on two wheels even more by staying SAFE and riding within your limits.

What is involved?

Techniques are taught to prevent incidents, to use speed wisely and enjoyably, not recklessly as can be seen on the roads too frequently. Learn how to integrate with traffic more smoothly, enjoy country roads safely, increase mpg and reduce the stress of riding and motorcycle maintenance costs. Learn how to judge your speed for bends correctly every time with the use of limit points. Learn how to make yourself more visible to other road users and boost confidence whilst riding.

Where does training take place?

All advanced training takes place on the road. Varying situations are used to give a more rounded riding experience. Occasionally further off road training may be undertaken to improve machine control.

How to book advanced training?

Contact Biketec and express an interest in receiving advanced training. An advanced instructor will make contact to arrange training or an assessment ride from which a personal plan can be tailored to suit individual needs.

How to book advanced training?

£80 for 3 hours. The best £80 you will ever spend!

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