Professional Motorcycle Training in Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland

dsa - part 2

dsa (driving standards agency) part 2

Trainees are encouraged to undergo additional training to bring them up to DSA (Driving Standards Agency) Test Standard. This is called Part 2 Training.

125cc training

If you are 17 or over but under 21, passing the test on a 125cc motorcycle is mandatory. You will then be restricted to a motorcycle of no more than 33bhp for 2 years after which time a motorcycle of any size can be ridden.

Although your choice of machine has to be restricted to 33bhp you can buy any size of bike as long as it is restricted. The restriction usually consists of a kit which restricts the petrol flow into the carburettor. For example the Kawasaki ER500 motorcycle with 50bhp could be ridden as long as it was restricted down to 33bhp. The difference noticed is negligible. On a CBR 400 for example the restriction is only noticeable under hard acceleration at speeds of over 70mph.

Any of the dealers will be happy to advise and fit a restriction kit for which a certificate is normally issued for insurance and Police pruposes.

direct access (500cc)

By completing the training on a larger machine (21 yrs + only) and passing the DSA test, the trainee can commence riding a machine of any size immediately. This is called Direct Access.

Biketec Motorcycle Training