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New Categories for 2013 Motorcycle Test

Euro 3 Driving Licence Directive!

This is now confirmed! There are some significant changes occurring to do with age and BHP allowance being introduced!

The changes are as follows:

(Category A1) From the age of 17 to 19 all you will be able to ride after passing the test on a 125cc will be a maximum of a 125cc!! Once this is passed you will be able to ride on Motorway's and carry Pillions in accordance with any test pass (This is not CBT, but a full test taken on a 125cc).

(Category A2) From the age of 19 to 24 you will be able to take your test on a bike that is a minimum of 395cc which has a BHP of 33 - 46.6. On completion of this you will be able to ride a bike which, in its standard form, does not exceed 93.5 BHP and as long as it is restricted between 33 and 46.6 BHP. One major difference in this is that there will no longer be a 2 year probation period and your licence will NOT be automatically upgraded! You will have to take the Tests again on the bigger bike once you are 24 or have held this A2 Category for at least 2 years.


2012 looks like the year to get your motorcycle licence done. If you or anyone you know is interested in passing their test please call us as soon as possible to book on 01224 821821.