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Coronavirus / Covid-19 Status
Latest News - 12 March 2021

So the good news ...

It looks like we will be able to return to training on 26th April. We will be taking the following approach, in the following order.

1) Clear the 2020 trainees who have done their training but are still to get their test.

2) Start training for those who had pre-booked for 2021 and have paid their deposit.

3) Those on the new waiting list.

4) Those who did their CBT with us and their CBT certificate has expired and need to renew it.

5) New business and new additions to the waiting list.

2020 was a nightmare but we managed to get a lot of you through your test once lockdown was lifted.

We felt that it is only fair that we clear any 2020 trainees before we take on new business.

We will have as many Instructors as possible ready to help and all of our fleet including new bikes will ready for you.

In the meantime, if you have any queries please text or phone Karen who manages the diary on 07951 275 093.

Thank you for bearing with us. It's been a long 'holiday' for us here, but handy for getting maintenance done.


Eric Morgan
Chief Instructor

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