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Intensive Motorcycle Training

What does it involve?

The 4 day intensive motorcycle training course involves further training on a 125cc after your Compulsory Basic Training (the cost of which is included in the 4 day training course package price) until you reach a safe standard prior to moving to the larger Direct Access motorcycle. The Compulsory Basic Training is classed as Day 1. We suggest that you come for your Compulsory Basic Training anything up to two weeks before you aim to start the remaining 3 days of the intensive training course in case you require ‘a little extra help’ before switching to the Direct Access bike. As previously stated there is no extra cost for any further training in-between. We would rather see that you a) have a full 3 days on the bigger bike and therefore b) have a better chance of passing your test.

Intensive Motorcycle/Motorbike Training Courses and Tuition in Aberdeen and Inverurie

Experience the city centre, dual carriageway and country riding

In the further 3 days after your Compulsory Basic Training you are not only shown the test route area but will also experience City Centre, Dual Carriageway and Country Riding where you will be shown further techniques to make you a safer motorcycle rider.

The 4 day intensive training course is an increasingly popular way to pass your test, giving you more time on the bike and it is not uncommon to complete an average mileage of over 75 miles per day on the 4 day training course. This therefore obviously provides you with a far wider range of traffic and road situations. Please note that you will not be riding the bike for a constant 6 hours during the day but instead regular stops after around 45 minutes to an hour of riding is normal.

The intensive motorcycle training courses are normally run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday or Saturday, Sunday and Monday with Module 1 usually on Monday or Tuesday and Module 2 usually on Thursday or Friday.

Although we can provide a 5 day motorcycle training course we find that a very high percentage of trainees pass on the 4 day motorcycle training course.

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