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Test Options

What are the test options?

There are currently three different motorcycle licences you can aim for, two of which are the most common options chosen by trainees;

A1 The ‘Light Licence’ is obtained when the practical test is taken and passed on a motorcycle or scooter of between 75cc and 125cc. Holders of A1 Licences will be permanently restricted to machines of 125cc or below. (This route to your Motorcycle Licence is less popular than the ‘A’ Licence and Direct Access methods below).

A The ‘A’ Licence is obtained when a practical test is taken and passed on a motorcycle or scooter greater than 120cc and not more than 125cc. The motorcycle or scooter must also be capable of 100kph (62.5mph). Upon passing the test, licence holders will be restricted to motorcycles with a power output of no more than 33bhp (25kw) for two years. After this the licence holder may ride any size of machine.

The ‘A1’ Licence and ‘A’ Licence are only that are available to persons between the ages 17 and 21.

Direct Access Riders aged 21 and over can avoid the two year restriction by taking the test on a large bike with a power output of more than 46.6bhp. This is called Direct Access. Upon successful completion of the test the trainee can then ride any power of motorcycle or scooter. (Common sense should apply here!).

Riders who become 21 during their 2 year restriction may also take this test, known as Accelerated Access. Upon passing they will not have to serve the remaining period of their restriction.

At Biketec we mainly train the under 21 year olds for their 125cc test and the 21 and overs for their Direct Access test on our 500cc training bikes.

Almost 99% of trainees over 21 opt for the Direct Access scheme as most find the larger 500cc bike easier to control and it also gives them the option to ride any size (power) of bike.

Motorcycle Licence Options

Motorcycle Licence/Training/Test Options

Your motorcycle licence options will depend on your age and your level of existing training.